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Federal Judge Declares Constitution Null and Void!!

Monday, October 27th, 2008

The following excerpts are from federal judge surrick’s ruling of 24Oct08!!

“To reiterate: a candidate’s ineligibility under the Natural Born Citizen Clause does not result in an injury in fact to voters.” (p.18 para 2)

“The alleged harm to voters stemming from a presidential candidate’s failure to satisfy the eligibility requirements of the Natural Born Citizen Clause (ie Constitution) is not concrete or particularized enough to constitute an injury in fact sufficient to satisfy article III standing.” (p.14 para 1)

“The question, therefore, is straightforward: Does the Natural Born Citizen Clause create a federal right the violation of which results in a cognizable (1983) claim? We think not.” (p. 21 last sentence)

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Phil Berg’s lawsuit to force production of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate is not a political game, it’s a constitutional issue. The most cogent narrative, including excerpts from Judge Surrick’s decision is found here. To say millions of us are outraged is putting it mildly. Enraged is more appropriate. If one reads the dishonorable Surrick’s words, it becomes apparent this judge, if he is the one who actually wrote the decision, thinks we the people are too stupid to understand his outrageous remarks:

“‚Ķregardless of questions of causation, the grievance remains too generalized to establish the existence of an injury in fact. To reiterate: a candidate’s ineligibility under the Natural Born Citizen Clause does not result in an injury in fact to voters. By extension, the theoretical constitutional harm experienced by voters does not change as the candidacy of an allegedly ineligible candidate progresses from the primaries to the general election.”

According to this bench warmer, a candidates INELIGIBILITY to run for office doesn’t present an injury to voters! We just accept fraud as eligibility! “Theoretical constitutional harm” experienced by we the people doesn’t change as the fraud passes from one phase of the election cycle to another! Surrick is lost in purple haze. Typical of these weenie federal judges, when they can’t find the guts to do the right thing, they take the cheap way out and try to pass the buck to the other incompetents, Congress:

“So, who does have standing? According to the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick, that’s completely up to Congress to decide.