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Putin Speaks Out About US Involvement Georgian Conflict

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

What The Hell Is Going On Here??

Saturday, August 30th, 2008


Minot AFB ‘Oddities’ Grow: Air Force Searches For Lost Launch Devices –Three Crew Members Removed Over Allegations of Sex Abuse and Equipment Tampering 28 Aug 2008 The Air Force says at least three ballistic missile crew members at bases in North Dakota and Montana have been taken off the job while the military investigates allegations ranging from sexual abuse to missing classified components used in underground launch control centers. The Air Force announced Thursday that an officer who earlier worked at Minot Air Force Base’s 91st Space Wing notified the military in May that he and another officer had lied about destroying classified launch components in July 2005. “They were supposed to destroy them and they signed documents saying they destroyed them,” said Maj. Laurie A. Arellano, an Air Force spokeswoman. Instead, she said, “they took them home.” In May, one of the officers notified the Air Force of the incident and “turned his launch components over to the government.” Arellano said the devices are used on equipment inside the launch control center to detect equipment tampering. One of the devices remains missing. “We only know of the whereabouts of one for sure,” Arellano said. [See: Minot AFB Clandestine Nukes 'Oddities' 17 Sep 2007.]

Blackwater Issues Mercenary Call For Hurricane Gustav –Blackwater Worldwide: Security for Hurricane Gustav 29 Aug 2008 Blackwater is compiling a list of qualified security personnel for possible deployment into areas affected by Hurricane Gustav. Applicants must meet all items listed under the respective Officer posting and be US citizens. Contract length is TBD. [Email from Blackwater Worldwide disseminated 29 Aug 2008]

St. Bernard Parish plans “lockdown” 29 Aug 2008 St. Bernard Parish President Craig Taffaro Jr. announced late Friday night that he plans to call a mandatory evacuation for his parish at 4 p.m. Saturday, which will be followed immediately by a “lockdown” to prevent anyone from entering the parish. Anyone who does not comply with the mandatory evacuation will be required to remain in his or her house, he said.

Bush declares emergency in Mississippi 30 Aug 2008 President [sic] Bush has declared an emergency in Mississippi because of the potential for damage from Hurricane Gustav, the White House says.

Bush Declares Federal State of Emergency For Louisiana –Hurricane Gustav Nears Cuba With 195 kph Winds 30 Aug 2008 U.S. President [sic] George Bush declared a federal state of emergency in the state of Louisiana, a likely target for the storm.

Gustav hits Cuba as Category 4 hurricane 30 Aug 2008 Gustav, now an “extremely dangerous Category 4″ storm, hit Cuba Saturday, forcing thousands of people from their homes.

McCain: Hurricane Gustav [Obama] May Suspend RNC 30 Aug 2008 ABC News: In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace that will air Sunday morning, Sen. John McCain indicated that the GOP convention could be suspended because of Hurricane Gustav.

Bush Seeks to Affirm a Continuing War on [of] Terror 30 Aug 2008 Tucked deep into a recent proposal from the Bush administration is a provision that has received almost no public attention, yet in many ways captures one of President [sic] Bush’s defining legacies: an affirmation that the United States is still at war with Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh]. Mr. Bush’s advisers want Congress to say so and “acknowledge again and explicitly that this nation remains engaged in an armed conflict with Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and associated organizations, who have already proclaimed themselves at war with us and who are dedicated to the slaughter of Americans.” The language, part of a proposal for hearing legal appeals from detainees at the United States naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, goes beyond political symbolism. Echoing a measure that Congress passed just days after the Sept. 11 attacks, it carries significant legal and public policy implications for Mr. Bush, and potentially his successor, to claim the imprimatur of Congress to use the tools of war, including detention, interrogation and surveillance, against the enemy, legal and political analysts say. Some lawmakers are concerned that the administration’s effort to declare anew a war footing is an 11th-hour maneuver to re-establish its broad interpretation of the president’s wartime powers, even in the face of challenges from the Supreme Court and Congress.

Biggest Newspaper In Holland Says Dutch Intelligence Helped Prepare Imminent Attack On Iran –De Telegraaf front page says sources inside AVID helped CIA map air attack By Steve Watson 29 Aug 2008 The biggest Newspaper in the Netherlands today devotes its front page to news that the Dutch intelligence agency has helped the CIA prepare for an air attack on Iran which it now believes is imminent. AVID, Holland’s military intelligence service, has pulled back from operations it was carrying out inside Iran as it believes an American led attack will go ahead within weeks according to De Telegraaf’s sources.

Top Iran general says attack on Tehran would ignite ‘world war’ 30 Aug 2008 A senior Iranian military commander has warned that a “world war” would erupt in the event the United States or Israel launch an offensive against his country, AFP quoted the state news agency IRNA as reporting on Saturday. “Any aggression against Iran will start a world war,” deputy chief of staff for defence publicity, Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri, said in a statement carried by IRNA.

Commander: Aggression on Iran to start world war 30 Aug 2008 Deputy chief of Iran’s armed forces Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri said here on Saturday that any aggression on Iran would start a world war, the official IRNA news agency reported. “Any aggression against Iran will start a world war,” and “the unrestrained greed of the U.S. leadership is leading the world to the edge of a precipice,” the report quoted him as saying.

Military help for Georgia is a ‘declaration of war’, says Moscow in extraordinary warning to the West 27 Aug 2008 Moscow has issued an extraordinary warning to the West that military assistance to Georgia for use against South Ossetia or Abkhazia would be viewed as a “declaration of war” by Russia. The extreme rhetoric from the Kremlin’s envoy to NATO['s extreme rhetoric] came as President Dmitry Medvedev stressed he will make a military response to US missile defence installations in eastern Europe.


Saturday, August 30th, 2008

By Guy S. Razer, LtCol, USAF (Ret)

I am a member of an honorable family that has been split into pieces because of the lies that have been perpetrated against us in the name of our great nation. I served in the military for 20 years, ending abruptly when I determined it was no longer possible to continue after what I saw happen on 911. Almost immediately, I knew there was something horribly wrong with the officially advertised story as to the events of that truly horrific day!

My son is now a Marine that serves with the same trust and honor that I had when I initially entered the US Air Force in 1982. He is to be stationed in Afghanistan soon and I am at significant odds with my feelings. I appreciate his desire to serve his country and his depth of courage and faith in so doing. The thing I am at odds about has nothing to do with our family, but those that are making the decisions that put members of my family in harms way!

Their lies, deceit, and unlawfulness have only been surpassed by their arrogance and outright desire to instigate chaos in the continuing illegal and unprovoked attacks upon other sovereign nations. And they are not finished! They intend perpetual and innocuous take over of everything and everyone we hold dear, and they will not stop until they are stopped. In war they find profit and control, so they desire no end to hostilities, but instead create them in any part of the world they deem necessary to fulfill their self aggrandizement.

The events of 911 cauterized the American public into solidified support of their trusted leadership to pursue retribution for the mass murder of American citizens on our own soil. 911 was the pretext for wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We were told there were direct connections between the perpetrators of the crime and attacking them would not only allow justice to be served, but would also provide the safety and protection that our leadership took an oath of office to provide.

We were told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that the only way to avoid the smoking gun of a mushroom cloud from a nuclear attack on our cities was to attack them and remove the threat. We are now fed the same lie about Iran, even though our $40 billion a year intelligence apparatus tells the exact opposite story. We have military drills, most recently Immediate Response 2008 in Georgia, that turn into offensive military actions which are then blamed on others to instigate death and hatred where it did not previously exist.

In short the current leadership of our nation (am I am not distinguishing between political parties for that is trivial in this comparison), and those who control and manipulate them from behind the scenes, are guilty of the highest crimes imaginable under the Constitution of The United States of America. They have violated the trust of the American people and in fact used that trust as a tool of manipulation to instill a quasi-patriotic and offensive aggression mentality. In so doing they put honorable men and women warriors in harms way without care or regard for their well being or basic protection.

Treason is the most accurate definition of their crime! Mass murder of innocent people is the result. Their future goals include the destruction of the moral fiber known as care. There are those among us, however, who care way too deeply to allow this to happen! May our Truth filled spirit live on and stand tall in humble, yet bold strength of mutual character!

Guy S. Razer, LtCol, USAF (Ret.)