4907 Fam Camp Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89115

Exposure of 911Truth, Justice for Perpetrators, and Crushing of the NWO


•         Topnotch leadership skills involving global logistics, multi-field operation and evaluation
•         Far-reaching quality assurance and improvement skills centered on efficiency and safety
•         Flexible and innovative financial planning and resource management skills
•         Seasoned personnel manager able to maximize technology use to ensure customer satisfaction
•         Experienced technical trainer and operator of global communication resources
•         Exceptional Air Force instructor pilot with 3500 plus hours in various fighter aircraft to include F-15E, F-111, F-
16, F-18, B-1, Mig 29, and SU 22

Professional Skills:

Leadership Skills
•         Coordinated ten nation’s employment of fighter jets to improve multi-national operational effectiveness that led
to improved combat capability of NATO air, land, and sea forces
•         Drove $100 million/year operation that built teamwork between eight different 500 person organizations to
deploy, operate, survive, and redeploy with no operational loss of life
•         Developed and tested global communication infrastructure hub in South Korea to allow maximum
communication between non local units arriving in theater that will save lives in any future conflict
•         Planned, briefed, and led diverse multi-national combined air operations over a 15 year period

Quality Assurance/Improvement Skills
•         Improved NATO’s capabilities by auditing, evaluating, and debriefing multi-national operations
•         Prepared $100 million/year organization for movement to and operation in Iraq: no loss of life
•         Assured maximum effect with minimum loss of life by testing, evaluating, and suggesting improved
identification techniques and procedures for US military forces; $10 million/year operation
•         Evaluated and enhanced America’s finest pilots through simulated high intensity combat training
•         Contributed directly to improve US and multi-national Air Force capability/survivability by flying, teaching,
authoring, and coordinating force employment efforts in various locations around the world

Financial Planning/Resource Management Skills
•         Decreased cost and personnel exposed to enemy fire by 50% through innovative creation of first high
technology tent enclosed operations control facility; tested 1998; employed Iraq; savings immeasurable
•         Planned and managed multi-function organization with $2 million/year internal budget that was responsible for
operational support and coordination of $100 million/year organization
•         Planned and managed munitions accounts over a 15 year period in the $1 million/year range

Personnel Management and Technical Training Skills
•         Developed curricula for the F-22 aircraft, the Tactical Leadership Program in Europe, the USAF Fighter
Weapons School, then trained under those to improve cost benefit and survivability
•         Managed 500 person organization that supported training, global movement, and employment of 90 combat
aircraft and the personnel and equipment required in the deployed location
•         Managed groups of 10-20 over 15 year period that helped develop team building and goal reaching

Flight Experience

Pilot in Command                                                                                                      2700 Hours
Instructor                                                                                                                 800 Hours
Instrument                                                                                                                200 Hours


Self-Employed (Sales)                                        Las Vegas, NV                                   2003-2007
Boeing Aircraft                                                  Seattle, WA                                       2002-2003
United States Air Force                                      Locations Worldwide                          1982-2002
McDonnell Douglas Aircraft                               Orange County, CA                            1980-1982


Air Command and Staff College                         Air University, Montgomery, AL           1995-1996
Master of Aeronautical Science                         Embry Riddle Aero University, FL          1994-1995
Bachelor of Aeronautical Studies                       Embry Riddle Aero University, AZ          1978-1980


Valedictorian (Bachelor program)                                               Outstanding Weapons School Instructor
Various Top Gun Awards                                                           Selected to fly various Russian aircraft
Outstanding Weapons School Graduate                                       Graduate Air Command Staff College                 

 The lies that have been put forth as the only description of what could have caused the most
heinous attack against the United States of America in its history are tearing at the moral fabric of
our nation and the heart our individual families.

We who seek the truth are divided from those who are either too busy to personally research, are
unable to believe anything will ever change, or unable to even consider the event because it is so
large, so distant, and so ugly that to approach the catastrophe on a personal level is seemingly

We who seek the truth should not and can not apologize for what we do. We did not take part in
creating, covering up, or ignoring the event. The fact that we have questions about a story that is so
unsupported is not crazy or unpatriotic. As a matter of fact, it is the exact opposite. We each have
suffered almost immeasurable sacrifice, personal pain, and accusational incarceration in pursuit of
what should have been done by those who are paid wages from our combined tax dollars to
investigate criminal acts.

The stonewalling of dissemination of real evidence and information is as overwhelming as it is
unpatriotic! I can personally attest to this stonewall tactic with my attempts to get basic evidence
into the National Institute of Science and Technology’s (NIST) still ongoing investigation of the
unexplained collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7). Months of gathering information
and various attempts to formally input that evidence to the NIST investigation team (using e-mail,
phone, and fax) ended with my surprise personal visit to their headquarters. That visit then ended
abruptly when the NIST security police showed up at the visitors shack as I was involved in my first
and only returned phone call with the then WTC7 lead investigator, Mr. Newman. Basically, he kept
me on the phone until the officers arrived at the scene to either take me into custody or escort me
off the premises. They did not want any information that conflicted in any way with their
predetermined investigation findings.

It has also been documented that the FBI was maintaining overall responsibility for the 911
investigation. I can personally attest to this! When I visited the local FBI office and tried to present
evidence I had on 911 to FBI authorities, I was not only asked to provide all my information
digitally, both personal and connected with 911, but when I asked to have them provide me with
anything that would indicate the progress their investigation had made I was told, “The FBI can not
divulge any information to the public regarding an ongoing investigation.” My question then is this.
Where is the FBI report on the investigation of 911? It has been more than 6 years! When the US
Air Force investigates an accident, a formal final written report is required within months, with
interim reports at various intervals along the way! Where is TRUTH? Where?


The Revolution of the Meek
By: Peter Chamberlin
(Pt 2)

The great intellectual leaps made in the past are portrayed as ends in themselves, not as steps in a
series of enlightening revelations. Religion itself, has been turned into a dead end, where personal
enlightenment is allegedly only possible if carried-out in a sanctioned group environment.

The closing of minds is the cornerstone of all efforts to claim illegitimate power on this earth.
Conversely, the opening of minds must be the foundation for any effort to call forth the new man,
who will naturally assume his rightful place between the majority of the human race and the evil
minority that seeks to enslave all life.

In order for us to open a new path to awakening a generation of new men we must expose the
corruption and imminent collapse of the old order, which is based on economic control, and
visualize the new earth, based on cooperation and shared humanity. We see a new world, not
based on control and the idea of domination, but one of unlimited human potential, given free rein
to grow and understand the problems that we create for ourselves. The old world order must give
way to a new world that has no center, where edicts and coercive dictates do not exist. In the new
order, power will flow from each person.

In the old order, everyman was encouraged to want to be king. "Success" was measured by how
close you came to fulfilling this kingly ambition. The "aristocracy" ("rule by the best," meaning
the wealthiest) came to rule over mankind, with each man giving his consent to the arrangement.
The cultivated desire to live like kings is the glue that bound the kingdom together, becoming the
basis of the capitalist system.

The "aristocrats" were a minority of individuals possessed of the desire to dominate and control all
things within their grasp. The bigger their grasp, the more people there were under their
influence, capable of being dominated or controlled. The original kings were the most successful
members the self-appointed aristocracy, those most ruthless men who had amassed the most
wealth, making them most capable of hiring armies of mercenaries and thugs to enforce their will
and to maintain their economic domination.

These were men without consciences, who were never bothered by the human suffering they
created in their lust to control and to accumulate the resources now divided amongst the masses.

The aristocratic minority possess abnormal personalities marked by psychopathic obsessions to
dominate and control others, as opposed to normal people, whose natures allow them to work and
play well with others. The economic system created by the aristocracy is a system of control,
enforced by laws and armies, designed to expand, without end, until all life on the planet is
brought under aristocratic domination. The expansion of the system will not stop until all
resources are brought under their control.

In order for the system to function, the majority of the people have to remain as willing to submit
to the economic domination of the wealthy minority as the elite are determined to dominate them.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the world dictatorship, just before total resource
domination was achieved, the majority began to resist. The "meek" were starting to assert their
will to hold onto the little that they had. The resistance of the meek had begun.

For the total global aristocratic dominion to become reality the force levels used to maintain
control over the majority have to increase to a level sufficient to eliminate all ideas of further
resistance. It had become crystal clear to the elite planners that the only way for the aristocracy to
maintain its web of control and to accomplish its plans for total resource domination was to
unleash all the force in its arsenal into the heart of the global resistance.

If the key to continued domination of the earth was to unleash a spasm of violence like the world
had never before witnessed, culminating in a global thermonuclear war, the death of millions and
the destruction of the planet, then so be it! The meek cannot be allowed to inherit anything;
everything belongs to the ruling class!

The would-be world rulers are faced with an extreme dilemma, "how to conquer the world without
destroying themselves with it?" If the plan for total resource domination calls for the full use of all
military power to overcome weaker enemies, then how could you attack adversaries with
equivalent forces without causing your own destruction?

The self-appointed rulers of the world determined that these powerful competitors could be
compromised through the same formula of economic coercion that their kind had always employed
– bribes and threats of force. "King's ransoms" would surely bend the most-dangerous resistance
forces to their wills. "Low-level conflict," a euphemism for warfare by terrorism, would convey the
threat of greater war, along with the exorbitant bribes, for those who were more resistant to the
empire's "reasoning."

But even this game is running-up against the will of the resistance, the "meek" are getting really
pissed-off, in the face of insane measures meant to ignite world war and to unleash the dreaded
nuclear "horseman of the apocalypse" upon the resistant "lower" classes. If a majority of us "get
our backs up," no amount of worthless currency will buy us off. We are witnesses to the ongoing
attempts by the American government and its foreign minions to ignite an insane world war, for
the sake of preserving the illegitimate power that drives their megalomaniacal dreams.

Enough is enough! The time has come for the revolution of the meek. We will not go quietly into
the night!

For those who believe in freedom, the revolution calls you.

For those who hate freedom for others, the revolution waits for you.

All power which assumes greater powers for itself than those it was originally given is illegitimate
power. In an age when illegitimate power is openly moving to seize all available power, all those
free men who love the rights and powers granted to them by their Creator must step forward to
oppose the seizure. If all good things flow from the mind of God, then those men who move to
separate mankind from these good things are clearly evil.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke. This
truism applies to all men, for all time, but it is truer today than in any past era. When governments
all over the world work together to preserve their collective illegitimate powers, then it is time for
a worldwide revolution to set all men free.

As Americans, we are at the epicenter of the world collective of illegitimate power. It is our destiny
to be the ones who stand face-to-face with "the Beast, to force a divide within the government
collective (Congress), that will disable the forward thrust to crush the rights of all mankind. To all
the members of the United States Congress I say, if you, as our representatives, allow the invasion
of another country, or the introduction of American troops into the streets of the United States, for
the purpose of ending democracy and eliminating the Bill of Rights, then the revolution awaits you.

To President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid, I say to you, if you move
forward with your plans for world war or for establishing a police state in America, for the purpose
of seizing control of the world's energy sources and creating an illegitimate world government,
then the revolution awaits you, with all its fury.

America's illegitimate power can no longer be maintained. America's military and other powers of
persuasion can no longer contain the actions of the other governments of the world. Killing is not
the solution, the saving and improving of all life is the answer. This country has amassed the
largest debt that the world has ever witnessed, for the sake of empowering the military machine
used to dominate the world. This debt will never be repaid.

In the time America has left to continue operations under this debt-based system (before our
creditors decide to pull the plug on our borrowing) we must move away from war, towards the path
of reconciliation. In a world of near-total chaos, brought about by our double-dealing "diplomacy"
and our own military and economic aggression, America will find itself broken and alone. If we
have any hope of being allowed back into the world community after it begins to recover from the
great collapse, then it will only come about by our trying right now, to repair the damage that we
have wrought, before it becomes impossible to do so.

This requires that we stop our war of terrorism and devote a large portion of those funds
dedicated to waging the war into an international re-building effort, to begin to repair the nations
we have destroyed and to alleviate some of the human suffering we have caused. In the new world
economy, the illegitimate power of capitalism, which can only be maintained by military force, will
have been broken itself. This breakdown will cause unimaginable suffering to intensify, as the
food distribution chains break down, as well. What would an investment equivalent to one year of
the Pentagon's budget (or the amount spent on new weapons systems in one year) do towards
insuring that more people do not starve because of America's mistakes?

Americans must reconcile themselves to the horrendous truth about what has been done to the
world in our name. We must face the ugly truth that we have allowed our government to rampage
through the world like some rabid beast, devouring the weak and wounding the strong. We have
allowed our government to assume illegitimate power to a level that rivals all predecessor
progenitors of evil.

As this evil government moves against the world with the fullness of its military power, we can see
clearly that the revolution has come to us. Do we allow the destruction of freedom, God's greatest
gift to mankind, or do we follow the example of our own sacred predecessors and stand together
as free men, standing between our government and the world? The revolution is all that stands
between the evil plans of these men and their fulfillment. What will you do when the rest of us
take our stand?

This evil era has been foretold by prophets the world over, for many centuries. Each prophecy
spoke of those who stood fast for truth in the face of those who sought to bury freedom and turn
the world into a race of slaves. Are you among those few who will place your very life on the
frontline of freedom?

The revolution has found you. Can you ignore its call?