Ye Shall Know The Truth,
And The Truth Shall Set You
Free - John the Baptist
Action speaks louder than
words but not nearly as
often - Mark Twain
We say grace, and we say ma'am, if ya
ain't into that, we don't give a
damn - Hank Williams Jr.
Truth neither requires nor
appreciates spin! - Me 2
By Guy S. Razer, LtCol, USAF (Ret)

I am a member of an honorable family that has been split into pieces because of the lies that have been perpetrated against us in the name of
our great nation. I served in the military for 20 years, ending abruptly when I determined it was no longer possible to continue after what I
saw happen on 911. Almost immediately, I knew there was something horribly wrong with the officially advertised story as to the events of
that truly horrific day!

My son is now a Marine that serves with the same trust and honor that I had when I initially entered the US Air Force in 1982. He is to be
stationed in Afghanistan soon and I am at significant odds with my feelings. I appreciate his desire to serve his country and his depth of
courage and faith in so doing. The thing I am at odds about has nothing to do with our family, but those that are making the decisions that
put members of my family in harms way!

Their lies, deceit, and unlawfulness have only been surpassed by their arrogance and outright desire to instigate chaos in the continuing
illegal and unprovoked attacks upon other sovereign nations. And they are not finished! They intend perpetual and innocuous take over of
everything and everyone we hold dear, and they will not stop until they are stopped. In war they find profit and control, so they desire no
end to hostilities, but instead create them in any part of the world they deem necessary to fulfill their self aggrandizement.

The events of 911 cauterized the American public into solidified support of their trusted leadership to pursue retribution for the mass murder
of American citizens on our own soil. 911 was the pretext for wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We were told there were direct
connections between the perpetrators of the crime and attacking them would not only allow justice to be served, but would also provide the
safety and protection that our leadership took an oath of office to provide.

We were told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that the only way to avoid the smoking gun of a mushroom cloud from a nuclear
attack on our cities was to attack them and remove the threat. We are now fed the same lie about Iran, even though our $40 billion a year
intelligence apparatus tells the exact opposite story. We have military drills, most recently Immediate Response 2008 in Georgia, that turn
into offensive military actions which are then blamed on others to instigate death and hatred where it did not previously exist.

In short the current leadership of our nation (am I am not distinguishing between political parties for that is trivial in this comparison), and
those who control and manipulate them from behind the scenes, are guilty of the highest crimes imaginable under the Constitution of The
United States of America. They have violated the trust of the American people and in fact used that trust as a tool of manipulation to instill a
quasi-patriotic and offensive aggression mentality. In so doing they put honorable men and women warriors in harms way without care or
regard for their well being or basic protection.

Treason is the most accurate definition of their crime! Mass murder of innocent people is the result. Their future goals include the
destruction of the moral fiber known as care. There are those among us, however, who care way too deeply to allow this to happen! May
our Truth filled spirit live on and stand tall in humble, yet bold strength of mutual character!

<SIGNED>  Guy S. Razer, LtCol, USAF (Ret.)         
The Revolution of the Meek
By: Peter Chamberlin

03/09/08 "ICH" -- - What words can I conjure to give meaning to the visions that dominate my brain, images of evil and bloodlust,
consuming the flesh of an unwary people. I see the rapidly approaching epic, the cataclysmic convulsion of a violent racist culture,
stabbing feverishly at its own womb, hoping to abort the birth of the new man of peace and unity.

I see clearly the rising image of the new race, a new culture dedicated to enlightenment. The new mankind will be hungry for
knowledge, in the same way that the current race is hungry for wealth and power. The new man will seek to overcome life's
problems through understanding them, instead of forcefully re-ordering them to a more acceptable configuration.

Bringing forth the "New Man" is the core of all religious teaching, as is the coming catastrophic era, which will draw-out the mind of
the new man from the debris of the shattered old mind. No prophet or founder of religions has ever been able to convert more than a
handful of his closest followers into these New Men, whose minds have been liberated from the baggage of the old. But each of them
clearly described the apocalyptic events which would rip the new earth from the old.

All belief systems, even religious ones, have been corrupted by power-mad individuals who intend to keep mankind in the dark,
confused about the most basic items of truth and reality. They perverted the faiths, turning each of them away from the nurturing
teachings of their Prophet founders, focusing instead, on sowing division among the faithful. Trusted spiritual leaders, by their
actions, have hidden the many ways of growing a generation of "New Men," ensuring that mankind would only have one path to
mass enlightenment open unto them, the path of cataclysm/conversion. The new man would eventually arise, but, like the Phoenix,
he would necessarily arise out of the ashes of the old order.

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